Town Portal Sponsor

From all the available marketing options on our whole news and town portal groups this offer the best marketing and value and should rather be called something like exclusive or priority advertising.

There are still a few things that we need to finalise but for now the minimum benefits of being a town portal sponsor is as follows.

  • To maintain exclusivity only 5 sponsors per portal are allowed and no competeting businesses would be accepted per portal.
  • Main page top banner ads (728x90) are reserved for sponsors only on a per portal base.
  • 3 Normal banner ads (250x250, 728x90 and 1000x350) on the whole group on all other pages.
  • Sponsors are displayed randomly on the whole group of currently 50+ portals at the bottom of almost every page as well as on the sponsor page with slightly higher priority for specific town portal sponsors.
  • Business listing that too appear on all websites in our group and if a business have more than one branch all branches can be listed separately and with individual locations etc.
  • Access to our administration panel that allow sponsors to use the whole marketing system and all features as much as they like to post for example informative, educational, promotional or any other interesting or valuable articles or videos.

Note: When an article is displayed, the system was designed in such way that the specific user's banner ads, links and other things are also displayed so articles can be about almost any topic and it will still help to promote such business.


Specific town portal sponsorship R1750 per year.

Additional town portals R250 per year each extra.

The whole and ultimate goal of the group is MARKETING and not income generating and where we charge something like the sponsorship the prices are very low and mostly used to cover expenses.

(When the statistics reach into the millions per month (already good on the way to that) we will allow commercial advertising from the big guys at normal expensive rates yes but we will plough that "income" 100% back into further external marketing.)

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