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Loving Your Caddie

In golf, once the ball starts rolling, you are alone. Well, not really. You have your caddie to help you. Here are some ways a caddie can help you.

A caddie will help you carry your golf clubs. Well, this is one of the most common jobs a caddie is understood to do. This is a tough job because a golf bag is heavy. Try to be patient with him and just trust him to take care of your clubs.

A caddie can also help you wash your clubs. This is important because wet clubs could affect your game tremendously. This is part of his job and will automatically do it for you after every shot.

A caddie will also clean your ball if you want it cleaned. He might ask you from time to time if you want the ball cleaned. He also carries a lot of substitute balls in case you want a new one or if the ball was lost in the woods or if it sunk in a water hole.

A caddie will replace your divots every time you are finished with your site. He does this to help maintain the fairways and also for other golfers who will shoot from that place after you did.

A caddie will also do this for ball marks on the green. He does this by flattening the golf mark by a flat surface like his shoes. He does this to maintain the greens and help you with your shot. Once you’re lining up for a shot and see a golf mark that he failed to see, just point it out to him and he will repair it for you. Remember that is easier to make a shot when the green is straight and smooth.

A caddie could also help you with your game. Note that a caddie probably has some experiences watching great players make their shots or how they putt their greens. If he is observant he could be a valuable source of tips that could help you tremendously with your game.

Having a caddie with you would be wonderful for your game. He will help you get more relaxed and not worrying about the simple things. Remember, though, to take it easy on your caddie if your game is not that good. Caddying is a tough job and it’s not really his fault if you make a lot of mistakes in your game.


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