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Party Planning Top Ten

An excellent and remarkable party does not happen in a snap. One needs to devote time to plan for the event. This top ten party planning guide will help any host in preparing for a perfect party.

1. Budget. Decide how much you are willing to spend on a one-time event and stick to it!

2. Theme. Decide on the unifying element of the party. Themes bring focus and added excitement. It can be as simple as color themes to as elaborate as a Victorian Era theme for a costume party.

3. Time and Date. Finalize the time and date of the party. Choose a day and hour that is convenient for the majority of the invited guests so that they will be encouraged to show up.

4. Party Place. Decide on the location that works best for the host and guests. Make sure to include a map of the place with the invitations, no matter how familiar it is.

5. Guest List. Create the guest list. It is imperative that a list is created, to make sure that everyone that needs to be invited is included and not forgotten.

6. Invitations. Create invitations and send them out immediately after the guest list is finalized. Let guests know what the party is all about by creating invitations that are in line with the party theme. Formal or not, have a system for RSVP to know the final headcount.

7. Style and Menu. Decide on the party style and menu: Formal or informal, brunch or dinner, potluck, catered, in-house or a combination. Once decided, make a list of the food and drinks that need to be purchased at the grocery.

8. Party Activities. Plan for the party activities. Whether celebrating a birthday, shower or a simple get-together, create a list of activities like games to liven up any gathering.

9. Music. Plan for the music. Music is such an intrinsic part of any party, but is usually taken for granted in the planning. Give this aspect some thought time and it would definitely perk up your gathering.

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