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Learning The Tricks: Buy Or Make Your Props

Magic is such an illusive matter that people tend to believe that something extraordinary can really happen. In most cases, magicians will create illusions in order to divert the people's attention from reality to pure fantasy. It is when people disappear; bodies can float in mid-air, etc.

That is why every magician knows that whatever he does in front of the audience, he is actually making people entertained and amused.

What most people do not know is that the magic tricks that magicians perform are not purely skills. Their props contribute to their success as well. This is because magicians can never perform their tricks without their props.

As they say, props can make or unmake a magician. Defective props, and not just improper coordination of skills, may contribute to the failure of the show. Hence, it is important to know how to buy or make the right stuff in order to perform their best.

Here is a list of some tips that you can use when buying or making your own props:

1. Know your tricks

The problem with most magicians is that they are not well versed on their tricks. That is why they do not know what type of props is appropriate for a particular trick.

For this reason, it is extremely important for the magician to familiarize himself with the kind of tricks that he will perform so that he will know what to props to buy or make.

2. Never buy trick coins or cards.

This will only create an impression on your audience that there might be something special on the coins or cards that you cannot use a normal item.

Hence, even if props are important in generating a successful show, it is best not to purely rely on them. It would be better if you will use the normal coins or cards and practice your tricks.

It really pays to practice a lot than to execute your tricks at once but the show is entirely dependent on the props.

3. Well maintained props generate more money

Keep in mind that it is important for every magician to maintain his props. It does not matter whether you have bought the props or you have just made them yourself. What matter most is how you try to preserve its efficiency by maintaining its color, vibrancy, beauty, and quality.

Remember that taking your props for granted and using defective props may ruin your career.

4. Keep them away from any harmful products

In order to maintain the goodness and quality of your props, it would be better if you will keep in them in places where they are away from dust, moisture, and dirt.

Making them last longer will definitely bring you more benefits and will keep you from buying and making props repeatedly.

5. Test or inspect the product before you leave the store

If you will be buying your props from a magic store or any novelty store for that matter, try to inspect meticulously the overall composition of the item.

Check for broken parts or loose portions. This may ruin your act once you are using them in your show.

6. Go for the best items; look for the magician's props

If you really want to obtain the best quality when it comes to props, it would be better if you consider the props of a professional or well-known magician. These products are known to be of high quality considering the fact that they were endorsed by a famous magician who can attest its efficiency.

These props are considered as those that have been tried and tested.

7. Go for the bundle

If you are just a budding magician, it is best if you will not spend too much just buying props. Either you could make your own or you could go for bundles. This means that you can save more money if you will buy props that are included in a package.

For instance, you could get a sales package wherein the box that was used could also be utilized as a table during the show or performance.

Boiled down, buying or making props is relatively important to the success of a specific performance. Hence, you should be very particular when choosing the best props to use.


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