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How To Develop The Ears Of A Great Singer

Singing a song is the most beautiful thing that the human voice can do. This vocal exercise is shared by every people, history and culture. It is one of the best mediums for the art of music.

To make wonderful music, it is imperative that the singer has a great singing voice. In music industry, a great singing voice is more than just covering a wide range or having enough confidence. It also requires developing a good ear as a singer so that you can hit the right tune.

What Does Developing an Ear for Singing Mean?

Many people wonder what this ear for singing means. Basically, this pertains to the capacity of the singer to determine the sound of he or she produces during singing. The singer must know when the sound is good or when it is turning bad.

Also, performances can take place in all sorts of places. Thus, the noise of the surroundings won't always be favorable to creating the harmony for the singer. A good ear will aid in maintaining the right pitch, note and rhythm even if there are external noises.

Developing Your Ears as a Singer

Now, if you are interested in developing your ear as a singer, take these tips into consideration:

1. This entails more than having a good sense of hearing. It is beyond the literal good ears for hearing. You must also learn how to distinguish the sounds and evaluate it as good or bad.

2. Do some vocal exercises or try to follow a certain tune.

3. To know how to properly evaluate your own singing voice, it is imperative to have time for listening to music. Chords and proper notes must be interpreted well.

4. Practice always. This is the key to become really good in any endeavor.

5. It is best to do the vocal exercises alone. Developing the ear isn't recommended in large choirs or singing groups. There are too many sounds to hear that you might not clearly evaluate your own singing voice.

6. Getting a vocal coach is also a great idea as he or she can easily tell the progress by listening.

7. Finally, have confidence in yourself. The training and practices will help you learn the skill, even subconsciously.


Developing a good ear as a singer is a sure asset to anyone who dreams of a great career in the singing industry. This is something that can be accomplished. So don't hesitate. Take the first step to learn and enjoy the wonderful art of music.


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