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Ideas For A Retirement Party

Ideas for a Retirement Party

If you're planning your boss's retirement party or maybe your parents, here's a list of things you need to know before you pull out that party hat.

1. Have a party theme

Think of a party theme that everyone could enjoy. One of the most enjoyable retirement party themes is “old and useless things”. You could ask the guests to bring gifts that are practically of no use or old. You could also have an alarm clock smashing ceremony, where the retiree gets to smash an alarm clock because he doesn't need to get up anymore.

2. Be aware of the retiree's interest

Take note of all the interest he has. You could, for example, set the tables in various themes or stages of his life. The retiree might be a baseball card collector, a volunteer firefighter, and a Sinatra fan. You could set up a table for each of his activity or interest. You could also set some tables with him being depicted as a father, brother and son.

You could also scan pictures of him collected all through his working years and as a family man. Run it in a presentation program e.g. PowerPoint and have it run throughout the party. This would give the guest a more complete picture of the retiree. Burn the pictures on a CD and have it as a gift or souvenir.

3. Put Together a Roast in Video

Roasting the retiree is great, but it could be better if done before hand. In that way the interviewee's can edit or redo the roast till they're satisfied. Plus, the retiree gets to keep a copy of the roast.

4. A Quiz Show

You can setup a 'quiz show' type program in which the friends and family get to answer questions on the retiree. Questions include anything and everything about the retiree. If the gathering is mostly co-workers, you may limit the questions pertaining to work and hobbies. If the guest is mostly friends and relatives more personal questions would be great. Small prizes may be given away to correct answers.

Be sure that there are a lot of questions. Make sure that most of the questions are easy, but include a few stumpers. If the questions are all hard, it might not be too fun. Have the questions entertaining also. Allow the questions to reveal some of the retiree's personality and hobbies.xzy


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